Monday, April 26, 2010

Ok, so I am back out of the swing of things.
Basketball has come and gone. It was fun. Now we are into baseball. All three of the kiddos are playing so it is very busy. I am coaching Tabitha in T-ball this year and Lonnie is coaching Cody. That leaves Tristan on his own. He seems ok with that. I think he was tired of one of us always hanging around. His team got their first win this weekend. They were totally excited. Tabitha has her first game tonight, but it looks like it may rain.
Last weekend was wonderful. The sun was out, we spent some excellent time playing catch, batting and just having fun.
Our anniversary is coming up fast. 11 years. I can't decide if I want to have a quiet candlelight dinner at home, and have to cook, or to go out. I suppose the compromise betweent those two would be take out and eat at home. I am not a big fan of takeout though. It never seems to be as good, and you don't know what you got until you get home. Hmmm dilemas.
Looks like I will be going to outdoor school with Tristan. It is an overnight so I will be in the cabin with the girls. Plan was for Lonnie to chaperone this one, but he is unable to get time off work. We will have to try again when Cody goes.. /should be fun though. They pair up one Mom chaperone with one Dad chaperone, so I will hopefully at least get to share the experience with Tristan then. I remember when I went to Outdoor school. So much fun. This year they are going to be themed "Pioneer Living" They will pan for gold, cook on a bunson burner, build wagons with antique tools etc. That is next month. Then the school year is almost over. Can not believe that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OMG She is 5!!!

I can not believe my little girl will be 5 tomorrow. She got her ears pierced on Monday. She was so brave. She really is a tough little girl. No crying or anything. Her reaction was actually quite prescious. I was a horrible Mom though. I forgot to take the camara! So I don't have pictures, I am so sorry about that. Her face showed a look of surprise. Kind of "That was NOT what I was expecting". Her big brothers were there with her and they were so excited for her and told her what a brave big girl she was. That in itself made her very Proud.
We talked about the fact that she was not going to have a big birthday party this year because we have the cruise in 19 days. Now that her birthday is tomorrow, she is wanting to get notes out to all her friends to invite them to her birthday. Yikes. That is a heart wrencher. We will have Grandma and Grandpa over and other Grandma, Auntie and new cousin. Hopefully she will be fine with that. She also had Chuck E cheese on Monday. Just goes to show that if the birthday "party" is not on the birthday and with friends it is just not the same. Cupcakes tomorrow at school will hopefully do the trick. Maybe Dad will have to drop off a balloon or two for her.
School Auction tomorrow. So excited. It should be a real good time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We had our first round of basket ball games. I have to brag and say my kids were great. It is nice when someone else says that though. Lonnie had a proud Dad moment this morning. One of his customers had a son on the team that we played, (We lost miserably by the way.) said that the boy on our team with the glasses was really good. I asked him if he told his customer that was his boy. He replyed "Heck yeah!" lol. Cody's team won, and he did extremely well also. Last year when I decided to Manage Cody's baseball team it really helped him and his behavior. He seems to be more serious about playing the sports now. Dad will be coaching him in baseball this year. I will be coaching T-ball for Tabitha. Guess that means Tristan will be on his own.
Tristan doesn't seem to want us to be as involved as Cody does anyway. I think it is an age thing. I get in trouble for even wanting to go on the field trips. I guess that is ok. He has done his time and with three kids and only two parents, we can't do it all!! As much as we would like to.
2 more weeks until the 4th grade auction. I really hope it goes well. It should be a really fun evening.
Count down has also begun for the cruise.
We are taking the kids on a 4 night Mexican Baja cruise. Everyone is totally excited. We are flying to Long Beach and taking the cruise from there. Tabitha has never flown, and I am not sure Cody remembers the last time he did. So it will be very fun. 33 Days to go..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have a meeting to go to tonight for the school auction committee. Our fourth graders get to go to outdoor school for 3 days and 2 nights. We are having an auction to help with the funds. I have collected quite a few donations for the auction in the area of family activities. I hope it is successful. I am surprised at how generous places have been.

Found out this afternoon that the local bowling alley in Keizer has bowling leagues for kids as small as Tabitha. She likes bowling on the WII. Think she can turn that into real talent? They also can earn points for college tuition. Bowling and scholarship what a deal!! They were nice and donated some free game passes worth about $30.

There really is a lot more to do in this area then we thought. Paintball, swimming, bowling, movies, arcades, and sports. No kid should go bored.

Been a pretty good day, now I am going to try and make clam fritters for dinner. Never made those before. we will see how they turn out.
I saw this posted on a friends facebook page. I LOVE this Quote and wanted to write it somewhere.

"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came from the man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on .. Not from his head to be superior ... but from the side to be equal! Under the arm to be protected, & next to the heart to be loved!!...."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lake Shasta last summer.

Tristan and his new friend Sunny. Chocolate Lab puppy.

Clamming with Grandpa, much funner then duck hunting.

Tabitha's "date" to her first Ballet. Sleeping Beauty at the Elsinore.

Catch up

Wow, it has been sooo long since I blogged. I knew I had a pretty boring life, however I am always so busy. How does that factor in? I have logged on to Facebook, but still don't really get into that too much. I use it more as a way to see what is happening in other peoples life. If I was more creative with statements, comments and thoughts I would probably do better.

Kids have grown quite a bit since 2007! Go figure? Tristan is now in 4th grade. That is keeping me busy with school volunteer stuff. 4th grade Auction to send them to outdoor school, yearbook, PTC and not to mention sports. Cody is in 2nd Grade. He is doing real well in a 2/3 blend. I am not sure how he got so smart, but I am very proud of his academics. PE is another story. He is athletic and plays sports, but seems to think PE is play time and gets other children in trouble. We are working on that. My kids are not allowed to get a Needs Improvement on their report card in PE. or lunch for that matter. :) Tabitha is 4 almost 5. Last year of preschool then on to Kindergarten. She is starting to enjoy the girly things in life. Barbie dolls, caring for baby stuffed animals, dress up, singing and dancing. She sings to Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana. I can't believe how well she picks up on the words. She also likes a little Boom Boom Pow Thanks to brothers. I gave her the option of T-ball or dance this spring/summer. She said Soccer! Ha. She will do T-ball, then after T-ball, she can decide soccer or dance. Tristan would also like to learn dance and soccer, so we will see where that leads. Stay tuned.

I am still working part time, love the hours. drop the kids off at school, go to work, then home in time for the kids to walk through the door. Dinner done and whole family at the table by 5:30 at the latest. We are very blessed to be all home by 3:30-4:00. Lonnie works early, so is off early. Very nice. Lonnie is about ready to finish up hunting season. He took the boys with him most of the time, this year so that was good Dad-Son time. Tristan finally got to shoot a gun. He found that very exiting. Cody still has to wait a year or two. There is a mentor program that allows a nine year old to be able to learn gun safety and duck identification. Lonnie and Tristan went Clamming with Grandpa up in LongBeach Wa over new years. He liked it better then duck hunting. Sorry Dad :(

Thanks Amanda for your blog, and me thinking I should start again. Guess I will think of more exiting news and try to find pictures to post.